How and why we need to stop comparing ourselves

We all compare ourselves to others – whether it’s our friends, family members, work colleagues or even that social media star who’s overnight oats always put yours to shame.
Comparing ourselves to others is as normal and human as any other emotion, but it isn’t doing us any favours in the long run.
Comparing oneself can become an internal monologue, a stream of consciousness which becomes second nature. The more we compare, the more we compare.

So why is comparing bad for our self-esteem and what can we do about it?

When you compare yourself to others, let’s face it, you rarely come out on top. The very nature of comparing is to find fault, and we are very good at finding fault within ourselves.

Constantly comparing yourself to another human being is like trying to compare cats and dogs. You are entirely different people, no better or worse. There is no rhyme or reason to this comparison.

It’s draining. Analysing people’s achievements and what they have and you don’t requires a lot of windows10explained energy. Spend that time doing something worthwhile, which will boost your self-esteem rather than dampen it. Be too busy being brilliant to notice what other people are doing, let alone take their inventory.

Take Action!

Read the list above. Admit to yourself if you have a tendency to compare, and if so, are you keeping it right-sized or are you listening to that negative voice that says “You’re not good enough”? Admitting it is the first step to change.

Start to take your own inventory! You are totally unique, and have accomplished a lot (trust me, I know). Write down a list of what you’re proud of, and what is still on your list of things you want to accomplish.

Know that the important things in life are impossible to measure. Happiness, health, laughter, being able to care Windows 10 Professional OEM Key for someone: these are all immeasurable but far more rewarding than a new Chloe handbag.

Gratitude. Instead of focussing on what you don’t have, give thanks to all that you do have.