Eat these foods to beat the January blues

With cold days and no christmas or new year’s festivities to look forward to, January can seem like a bit of a bleak month.

Make sure you keep energy up and stick to your New Year’s resolutions by adding these foods to your diet this month!


Cherry juice

Too many late nights got your sleep schedule all wrong? Cherry juice regulates melatonin levels in the body helping you get a restful sleep. Have a glass before bedtime and feel the benefits.



Not only are soups the perfect antidote to cold weather, they are quick to make and you can use vegetables you have left after Christmas. Soups are predominately water based, so ideal for replenishing after a heavy night out. My roast tomato and red pepper soup is a great and low maintenance recipe to make!



It’s true: January is the most depressing month. This can make it hard to stick to tasks and concentrate at work. Another reason to have that avo on toast – avocado contributes to healthy blood flow, increasing the flow of blood to the brain keeping you more alert!


Dried figs

The Christmas period can wreak havoc with our digestion, with sugar and alcohol leaving us slow and sluggish. Dried figs have a whopping 10g fibre, helping to keep you regular.



Make this the year that you reach for a protein filled snack rather than a sugary one. Studies show that the cells in the brain which regulate energy balance and reward are stimulate by amino acids from protein.

Don’t fancy snacking on a chicken breast? Hummus and raw vegetables, dried seaweed, hard-boiled eggs and Greek yogurt are all great options for that 4pm snack attack.