Why You’re Not Seeing Results

You’ve started eating healthier and hitting the gym regularly. Maybe you have the odd treat now and then, but it’s about balance right?

It can be really frustrtaingin when youre making an effort with your diet and fitness, only to not see the results you want.


Here are my 5 tips for why you might not be seeing changes.


Portion control

Yes, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Even when eating whole foods, making sure not to go overboard on your sweet potatoe fries just because theyre good for, will do wonders for your waisltine. Healthy alternatives such as dates, sweet potato, almond butter, are incredibly moreish but also nutrient dense. Make these the occasional treat rather than the norm!


You’re not eating enough

When you’re not eating enough, you can send your body into starvation mode. Your metabolism slows down because it doesn’t know where its next round of calories is coming from.

This is often the case after exercise, when people train and cut calories by not refueling after. You need those nutrients to help repair and build muscle.


You are just sticking to cardio

Cardio burns fats and burns calories – but just whilst youre doing it. Strength and resistance training gives you an ‘after-burn’ which menas you’ll be burning energy long after you finish your workout.

Cardio will shrink fat, but also muscle. Stick to weights and you will build lean muscle, which will utilize more energy and burn fat!


Lack of sleep

Even with a diet and fitness regime that is on point, if your sleep is off, you won’t see the results you wont.

Research published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinoloy and Metabolism found that sleeping less than six hours triggers the area of your brain that increases your need for food while also depressing leptin and stimulating ghrelin.

We are also more likely to reach for sugary and fatty foods as we need the energy.

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Rules and restrictions

I am not an advocate of cutting out food groups, uside from allergies, and cutting out carbohydrates and fats can have detrimental effects to your goals. A strict diet is also not sustainable in the long run, and depriving yourself of key food groups can lead in serious binges as well as changes in hormone levels, both of which can affect weight.

You’ll be more likely to stick to a healthy diet if you are eating a diet balanced in fats, protein, carbohydrates as well as keeping the reins relaxed around treats.

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Still not seeing results? Hope is not lost. Get in contact with me and we will personalise a plan that is right for you and you will see the results you want in no time