When is it okay to skip your workout

Regular exercise has a host of benefits, including more energy, better sleep, stronger muscles and joints. However some days, you just don’t feel like the gym. So how to know when you’re being a little on the lazy side, or you really do warrant a day off? Checkout my tips below.


On a hangover

“Sweating it out” might seem like a great idea, but it won’t erase your hangover and it could make it worse. Your body is already dehydrated after a booze-fest, and sweating it out at the gym dehydrates you even more. Alcohol also increases your levels of creatine and lactate which affects your organs as well as killer muscle soreness.


When it’s more than a cold

As a general rule, if youre ill from the neck up you’ll benefit from a low intensity workout. But neck down such as chesty cough or a stomach bug, and you’ll benefit and recover faster if you rest.


Stressed and overtired

It’s not uncommon to want to hit the snooze button rather than get your lycra on, but theres a difference between being tired and having chronic fatigue. If you’re experiencing stress over a long period of time, working out the wrong way, can just add to your load, and make you physiologically stressed out too. If you feel like you’ve been over-revving the engine, skip the HIIT session and do yoga instead.



Health and fitness are a priority, but its good to recognise that there are other areas in your life which contribute to a healthy lifestyle. It’s good to be focused, but flexibility is also necessary. If you find yourself showing more commitment to your workout routine than your friendships, it might be time to consider skipping a workout ad spending time with loved ones. Either that, or consider getting some new friends.