What IS Healthy Eating?


It’s the new kid on the block, but what does it mean?

I’ve had clients, friends & family come to me who are at the point where no food seems ‘safe’ and are absolutely frazzled, having exhausted every option.

They are not alone, as I myself can also identify.

We have started identifying food as healthy and unhealthy. Good and bad. Guilty and guilt-free. Clean and dirty.

What makes a food ‘bad‘?

Is it the ingredients, the way it makes you feel, or the way you think others perceive you. Or, is it weight gain – the fear behind most food choices. Maybe all of the above.

We need to think of food in a new way.

I see health as a spectrum; for someone who deprives themselves of pleasurable food, eating a brownie is far healthier for them than a kale salad.

Skipping the gym and having a day in bed also might be the healthy route if you’ve had a demanding week and need some time to decompress.

When you are eating with intuition, no food should seem guilty. Food should be celebrated! There’s absolutely nothing shameful about enjoying a slice of cake when celebrating a friends birthday, if that’s what you wish.

What’s important is the motivation behind what you’re eating. Are you eating a raw vegan diet because you feel it to be virtuous and nutritionally superior OR is it because it makes you feel awesome and gives you tonnes of energy?

Are you having a night in with a tub of Haagen Daz because it’s the perfect way to unwind, or are you isolating yourself and finding comfort in calories?

Take a pause. Does any of this sound familiar?

The food and diet industry would rather sell you the next gizmo and fad to lose weight, rather than the tools you need to have a healthy relationship with food.
Because at the end of the day, who knows your body better than you do?
Some people have no problem finding this balance, others need a bit more guidance. The good news is; everyone can find a healthy relationship with food

I’m only scratching the surface on a complex topic, but it’s one that I work closely with and it can totally transform your life.

If you do see identification in what I’ve written, I’d love to hear from you, and answer questions you have.