Upgrade your run

Slipping into your trainers and going for a job around the block is easy, free, and great to be outdoors

To get more out of your run, try varying speeds and adding in strength exercises to get the most out of your time outdoors.

  • Squat leap intervals, to fire up your legs and glutes
  • Walking lunges uphill or downhill
  • See a bench? Add in 10 press ups
  • Sprint sets between lampposts or bins (or any other marker)
  • If you’re feeling fatigued, pause and hold a plank for 30-60seconds to centre yourself and slow down your heart rate.
  • Once you have finished your run, keep walking for 10 minutes or so, to prevent your heart rate from dopping too rapidly.

Finish off with stretching your quads, hamstrings, and calves to prevent killer DOMS the next day!