The Truth About Yoga

I’ve tried yoga, body balance etc in the past but found it dull, unchallenging, and actually un-relaxing!
Anyway, a couple years on – feeling older and wiser –  I gave it another go and have never looked back.
These are the main benefits that I experienced:
– feeling significantly more calm pre & post yoga class
– sense of accomplishment
– deeper range of movement and improved flexibility
– greater shoulder stability
– awareness of breath and how to use my breathe to calm down my nervous system in stressful situations
– better performance in the gym

Sounds pretty magical eh?
So being me, I wanted to share the word about how amazing it was and how fab I was feeling. Needless to say, I got a LOT of ‘I just find it really boring’ ‘I’m not flexible enough’ and ‘I’d rather do a workout at the gym’ – some from girls but mostly from guys.
I really want to break this notion that yoga is for flexible, granola-type people who lead very spiritual lives and rarely wear shoes.

These are the top three myths I’d like to de-bunk..

Yoga is actually the only form of exercise to massage our internals glands and organs, even the prostrate, kidneys and liver. Yes you will see an improvement in your tendons, ligaments and muscles but you don’t need to be flexible in order to start!
Prior to starting yoga, I could not touch my toes. Now, I still can’t touch my toes! But the important thing is, yoga has made me realise that not having flexible hamstrings does not make me a bad person or a yogi bear failure.

Okay people, seriously? My Friday starts with a yoga class so energetically charged, I actually feel like I’ve taken seven consecutive ginger shots that morning.
Yoga is challenging – and in whatever way you want it to be. Once you start going more regularly, you focus in on the breath, focus on getting deeper into poses and gaining confidence to try those super tricky poses (Got crow down, but I’m still working on my headstand. One day.)

I guarantee this will be the same person who spends an hour and a half in the gym picking up and putting things down. And they think yoga is boring..
I like to think of yoga as playing, I think that’s why I enjoy it so much. Yes, taking it seriously is good, but trying new things and just having a go is so enjoyable. We all start out as beginners, and if you don’t attempt something, even if that means ‘failing’ then you will never improve!

I’d love to hear about your experiences with yoga, and hopefully this post will inspire some of you to give it a shot!