Small changes have a big impact

Healthy looks different for everyone.

For some, being healthy means cutting back on takeaways, and for others it could mean swapping coffee for herbal tea: it can be absolutely anything.

Health goals vary person to person, and I often say that health is a spectrum: there is no absolute way to be healthy.

For me, healthy means not just the food I eat, or my workouts, but having fulfilling relationships, as well as a happy work life. Sounds obvious and simple enough, but the key is to put as much energy into all of those equally. If one is out of balance for too long, it starts to affect other areas. For example, overworking creates stress which leads to less time to exercise, less energy to spend with friends, and stress-eating. Better to give equal amounts of time and energy. 

So how do you “become healthy”?

It might seem like an impossible nirvana, this healthy business. But the point I want to get across is that a little goes a long way

Often, we don’t do something because we can’t do it all, or we can’t do enough of it. 

For example, skipping the gym because you only have time for 20 minutes rather than a full hour. If it’s between 20 minutes of exercise and none at all – 20 minutes is the clear winner. Plus, have you not seen the workouts you can do in 20 minutes?!

What about when you tell yourself “I’m not going to have any snacks at work today”? 4pm rolls up and you can’t resist that custard cream with your tea. So many of us would think that this is failure: I’ve really done it now, better really go for it and finish off the packet.

One biscuit is better than a whole packet. Having one biscuit is an achievement if you’re used to mindlessly snacking all day.  And more importantly, it does make a difference to your health. Your body will be able to tell the difference even if your head can not.

Small changes matter, and they are the building blocks of a healthy lifestyle. 

Not only do small changes have an impact in themselves, but they’re a stepping stone.  If you can’t make a small change, how do you expect to make big changes?

Small changes you can make today:

  • Having pizza or burger for lunch? Order a side salad and eat it FIRST. 
  • Have breakfast
  • Drink a glass of water, now. 
  • Been thinking of a friend recently? Reach out to them, a quick text is all it takes 
  • Work presentation or chores to do? Dedicate 10, 15, 20 minutes to it today, and see how much better you feel
  • Go for a walk. Literally, stand up now and walk to the end of the road. It will clear your head and refresh you
  • Watch cats on YouTube. Laughter is so freeing, and a great instant anxiety or stress relief.


Do you feel like there are things you could do to improve your health? I’d love to hear from you and your experience, as well as offer guidance.