Product Review: Neat Nutrition

Welcome to my first product review!

Today I want to share about a fairly new and upcoming brand of health and fitness supplements

I recently went to the Om Yoga Show which was awesome, and met the lovely team at Neat Nutrition and got to sample their range of protein and superfood powders.

So why should you be supplementing your diet with protein powder?

Now, I’m not one for supplements normally, as I prefer to get my nutrients from whole food sources, however when I’m exercising and working a lot, a protein shake or snack is the perfect thing to give you energy without slowing you down.

A lot of us, women in particular, are not getting enough protein in our diets. A diet rich in protein is usually associated with bodybuilding types and athletes. The average diet is typically carbohydrate based, which can leave us feeling lethargic and potentially cause weight gain.

By increasing, or hitting, your daily protein intake, you will be supporting muscle, bone, hair, nail, blood and skin growth.

Studies have also shown that diets rich in protein help to lose fat, stabilise blood sugar levels, whilst maintaining and increasing muscle mass. Result!

By taking a high quality protein supplement, we can ensure that were hitting our intake and as the supplement is low in carbohydrates and fats, the protein will be easily absorbed and utilised by our muscles.

Why do I rate Neat Nutrition over other brands?

I don’t know about you, but when I look at the labels on regular protein powders and supplements, I feel like I need a degree in quantum physics. There are so many ingredients that I can’t understand, which means my body won’t understand them either. Neat Nutrition are made from high quality ingredients that are ALL NATURAL.

The stuff also tastes great! I personally opt for vegan protein, which comes in chocolate, berry and vanilla, and I’ve found that my vegan protein is great in recipes! In particular my protein bomb recipe 🙂


Let me know your thoughts on Neat Nutrition and other brands, and if you’d like to see more reviews in the future!