Meal Prep: do’s and don’ts

Meal prepping is nothing new in the world of athletes and body builders, however more casual gym goers and health-conscious are  taking up the habit too.

It’s a great way of saving money, using up leftovers, and for some people its important that they know exactly what they are putting into their body.


Here are my top do’s and don’ts:

  • Do chop and prepare a range of fruits and vegetables so you have them on hand during the week. It saves time, as well as being a healthy snack option!
  • Do make staple items too. Hard boiled eggs, whole fruit, hummus and crudités are easy to digest and carry in your handbag or gym bag.
  • Do vary your meals. As well as ensuring a balance of vitamins, food should be enjoyed. Keep things interesting by trying new recipes and cooking techniques.
  • Do make once and eat twice. By making extra portions at dinner, you’ll be saving even more time! You’ll also be doing your bit for the environment, by using up that leftover roast dinner for a cold chicken salad rather than binning it!


  • Don’t miss out. If you have been invited out to lunch by your friends don’t let yourself be ruled by your prepped meal. You’ll gain more than nutritional brownie points by nurturing your relationships than sticking to your rigorous diet.
  • Don’t make more than 3 days worth of meals. Cooked vegetables and protein lose DO their nutritional value, and it just wont taste good either.
  • Don’t be too strict. Our bodies know what they want, and some days you just might not fancy that chicken and broccoli. Allow yourself free rein, and spontaneity. It’s healthy to step out of your comfort zone and NOT know every ingredient that’s in your meal!

What are your thoughts on meal prep? Do you do it, or make healthy choices on the high street?

Comment below!


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