Instant Porridge Cups

Short on time? Travelling? These Instant Porridge Cups are for you – You can thank me later. 

I love oats in all forms; warm porridge, Bircher muesli and granola, but I am doing a lot of travelling at the moment and need something that will pass through security and also be suitably yummy. 

This recipe is so easy and you can make up a whole bunch of jars with different flavours and toppings. 

You’re welcome. 



1 cup of oats

1 cup boiling water 

1 sachet of Whey Box protein or 1 scoop protein


Crushed almonds/walnuts/peanuts


Dried fruit

Coconut flakes



Take 1/2cup of oats and put in a mixer or blender, blend until it resembles flour. 

In a jar or container, add the oat flour & oats, as well as your protein and various dry toppings. 

At breakfast time, add 1 cup (or more if you like it runny) of boiling water, and cover for 2 mins.