How to stop overeating on the weekends

Ask anyone what their biggest barrier to their health and fitness goals is and more often than not weekends cited are the main culprit..

You know the drill: diet and train #likeabeast Monday to Friday, only to breathe a sigh of relief as Friday night rolls in and the takeaway menus come out. You’ve been good all week, you say, you deserve this.

Monday morning comes, inevitably you feel lethargic, like you’ve let yourself down, and you vow to hit this week harder than the last. No compromises. No fun.

Our lives our primed for weekend overeating – whether it’s for social reasons or out of convenience – plus it’s just what people do on weekends, right?

We tend to think of things as black or white. We’re either all in, or we’re totally out.

What if I told you you could still enjoy your weekends, be with your friends, but stay healthy and fit at the same time? That your weekends didn’t have to sabotage your goals?


  1. Ditch the food rules.

Are you in the mentality of grouping certain foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’? Here’s why your rules aren’t doing you any favours: let’s say your label carbs as bad. Friday night comes and youre out for pizza and cocktails with your squad, and naturally you have a slice. You’ve broken the rules and committed a cardinal sin – broken your rules, so whilst you’re at it, you think f*** it and order a milkshake, finish off the whole pizza and look for something sweet after. These rules do not serve you – not in the short or long term. Aim for a balanced diet – a little bit of everything on your plate, because every food group has a role to play and our bodies are designed to eat them all!


  1. Start again

Following on from Rule No. 1, if you feel like you ‘messed up’ you can start again at any time of the day. You don’t need to wait until Monday to start making better choices. You’re in control here. Get up the next morning, go to the gym – but don’t compensate. You don’t need to punish yourself for enjoying yourself. Just start a clean slate.


  1. Take responsibility

Own your choices, because at the end of the day, no one is forcing you to eat that pint of ice cream, nor are they telling you that you’re not allowed. You are free to eat and drink what you want, but remember that your choice will have an outcome. “I really want to have this ice cream, but I’ll probably be bloated and feel bad about it tomorrow’ – don’t moralise it. It’s your call.


  1. Reassess your habits

Our bodies are pretty smart, so chances are if youre majorly craving something by the weekend, it’s because you’ve not ‘fed’ yourself right during the week. That could be emotional nourishment, a more relaxed attitude to food, strict gym routine – anything that means by Friday your body is ready to let loose.