How to stay motivated in the winter

Staying motivated to exercise and eat well can be a struggle at the best of times, but when the temperature starts to drop, the evenings get earlier, and there is the lure of mulled wine, our intentions can drop faster than you can say ‘after work drinks’.


Here are some ways you can keep up the momentum all through Christmas and into the New Year


Be realistic

Have a realistic training and food plan. Don’t be a hero and plan to go to the gym 7 days a week and survive on dust. If it has not worked before, it won’t work now. Plan a routine that is 100% achievable – that way you will not only do it, but go over and above. That’s a sure fire way to keep motivated.


Plan your days off

All work and no play… is a recipe for disaster in terms of sticking to a health and fitness plan. We all need to blow off some steam, so make sure to plan in your time with friends, Netflix and chill days, so that you don’t feel as though you are missing out and are ‘owed’ a big blow out come the weekend.


Get ready, prep

Simple things like laying out your gym kit the night before, leaving your bread in the toaster and your eggs by the frying pan, will free up more time in the morning and make it easier to get up and go. If your food is already prepped and packed, you will be less likely to reach for the Quality Streets.


Team up

Enlist a willing co-worker/family member to join you in your workouts and nutrition plan. Not only will it mean less temptation to skip a workout, as you’ll be hanging out with your mates, but the competition will spur you on and you will be able to encourage each other when motivation is leaning towards the bar, rather than the barre.


Remember why you’re doing this

You know you need to stay fit and healthy, but do you always remember why?

Whether your goal is to lose weight, run in a marathon, get a personal best, have that goal stuck in your mind. Even write it on your fridge, mirror, or tattoo it to your eyelids. I guarantee that you will be in your Nikes and flying out the door.