How to spot negative friendships

We have friends for all different reasons. You have your gym friends who you can talk all things protein with, your childhood friend that you’ve had forever, and that girlfriend who is always up for a cocktail or two (or ten). It’s important to note that not everyone has to be your best or closest friend, as long as they all bring a little something to your lives and vice versa.

When you have relationships or friendships, that although you’ve had forever, or had a strong connection to at one point, we can get complacent. Are our needs still being met? Are we being taken for granted. We overlook certain traits and take their excuses over and over, because that’s just ‘how they are’.

Friendships, relationships, family, they should all be bonuses in your life.


So how to spot a negative relationship?
They’re never happy for you

You need to be able to share the good times as well as the bad. If you can’t celebrate the good stuff with your friend for fear of what they’ll say or how it will make them feel – they’re not the friend for you.


You’re the Agony Aunt

Ever had that friend that you never hear from, and then all of a sudden they breakf up with their boyfriend/quit their job/get a bad hair cut, and you’re suddenly their go-to? #GirlBye.
They steal the spotlight

I don’t know about men, but female friendships can be super competitive. If a conversation revolves around them trying to one up you after every tale you tell, or they belittle your success with a story of their ow: first of all, they’re not listening to what you’re saying. Second of all, they’re jealous and that can be toxic.
Misery loves company
We can’t be happy all the time, it’s not genuine (and it’s very irritating). But when a friend is down the whole time and wants you to be a plus one to their pity party, it can have a dampening effect on you.

Do you see any of these traits in relationships in your life? Maybe you see a little bit in yourself? (we’re not all perfect, after all!)