Be true to YOU

We’re told to always be true to ourselves

But what if being true to ourselves means disagreeing with the norm? 

As infants we’re not aware that we have a ‘self’. Growing up, we seek to separate away from our parents and make relationships with friends and people outside the family home. Trying to find our own identity, our own sense of self.
Most of us can relate to that moment in adolescence, or maybe even adulthood, when your beliefs are challenged, or you see a new way of thinking.
For me, it was discovering fitness. I was always active growing up, but finding the gym and people who didn’t drink and ate for health rather than to lose weight – I wanted to be in their gang. I jumped head first into it, keeping up with all the workout trends, new superfood fads, the whole lycra-covered shebang.
I did lose myselft: over-identifying meant that I forgot I had a voice. Since then, I’ve learned that it’s okay to disagree with people. You don’t need to be the mot educated, talented, damaged, healthiest person in the world to have an opinion, or for it to be valued.
I like keeping fit. I like going to the gym. But I don’t count macros, I’m not bothered windows 10 product key that I can’t squat double my weight – and that doesn’t make me any less #fitspo.

I hope you’re still reading, but if you did drift off there, then come back because the message today is that it’s okay to be you. It’s okay to be contrary sometimes, it’s okay to change your mind, to have different opinions, to actually not really like avocado toast.
We’re all sill figuring things out, learning who we are, and that will continue for our whole life! Know your beliefs, know that they may change, and remember that people are in the same boat.