Are you too comfortable?

You’ve heard that saying: “Do one thing every day that scares you”

I’ve never paid it much attention, after all, why would I want to scare myself on purpose – when there’s so much else going on to upset the delicate balance of my life!?
But recently I have pushed out of my own comfort zone, in small ways, but out nonetheless.
For starters, I have stopped eating fruit. This may seem small, but for me, fruit was my favourite part of the day.
I would race through my dinner, just so I could settle down in front of Netflix, with a bag of grapes and a melon medley. The sugar was just what I craved after a long day, and I associated the ritual with relaxing and winding down.
Now that’s a heck of a lot of fruit. It’s a lot of sugar, carbohydrates and eating that amount straight after a meal was not doing any favours to my gut or blood sugar levels.
I knew it had to go. I had terrible stomach aches, skin problems and was constantly bloated.
It took a few weeks to finally put the final pear down, but I am now a month or so down the line and I no longer crave it and all is well again.
Aside from the physical changes, the biggest change being able to consciously make that decision for myself, that my will was my own, and knowing that being uncomfortable would not kill me. That was the biggest fear: Will I will be ok? How will I make sure that I eat enough during the day so that I don’t crave the fruit?

I push my clients out of their comfort zone. When they train with me, it’s not what they’re used to doing themselves. They wonder if they can do it, or tell that they can’t. But inevitably, they can, and they do! And that becomes the new normal, their new comfort zone.

So why bother pushing, and getting uncomfortable? What’s wrong with how you are now??
Absolutely nothing. But the way I see it, if you’re not moving forward, if you stay still – you go backwards.
That safety bubble won’t stay the same size, it will either grow with new experiences and challenges, having setbacks, or it will shrink with the fear of changing, the fear of things not being just so.

So I say it’s time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Sign up to that DeCHOX for March, try a new gym class, ask that guy out on a date (Its 21st century, you can text him first ladies) and let’s make a new normal for ourselves.