Are our emotions causing us to be sick?

It’s time to rethink that stiff upper lip, as it could be doing you more harm than good…

We all know the importance of a healthy lifestyle, but how many of us factor mental health into the equation?

We are over-saturated with gyms, boutique studios, paleo meal deliveries, and nutritional gurus with all the diet knowledge you could wish for – but be honest, has it changed anything?

For us much as we are aware of keeping fit and feeding ourselves well, chronic diseases are still on the rise, and research has shown that keeping your emotions on lockdown is indeed a contributing factor.

There are so many reasons why we choose not to let our emotional freak flag fly: we don’t want our feelings to disrupt our every day lives, they seem too much of a mountain to face when there is just so much else that needs doing; or maybe a fear of rejection: What if I open up to this person and they don’t understand, or worse, they make fun of me? Opening up is definitely a risk. But these emotions are bound to come out at some point, and if you ignore them, it will be in a far less manageable way. Of course, there is a time and place for opening up.

Expressing emotion has to begin with accurate judgement – pick your audience wisely. Day to day, notice the physiological responses in your body. Shallow breathing, trouble sleeping, changes in appetite, short temper, overly sensitive/reactive can all be signs of whats swirling beneath the surface. truth be told, what my clients get most out of our time together isn’t me correcting their form or helping to count their macros, it’s the self expression. They let themselves go, they open up, and receive no judgement or criticism for it. Often, it’s met with identification, and just the feeling of being heard and held. They leave sessions feeling 10lbs lighter (metaphorically speaking: I’m not that good a trainer!)

Try it – write it down, sing it out, or whisper it to a confidante. Your body will thank you for it.